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SILC Faculty Member and member of our Spatial Network.

Biographical Sketch: NORA S. NEWCOMBE


Professional Preparation:

Antioch College, Psychology, B.A., 1972.

Harvard University, Psychology, Ph.D., 1976.


1987-present, Professor, Department of Psychology, Temple University.

            1987, 1993-94, Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychology, U. of Pennsylvania.

1999-2000, Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychology, Princeton University

            2003-4, Visiting Scholar, Spatial Cognition Group, Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin.

1981-87, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Temple University.

1976-81, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University.


Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Association for the Advancement of

            Science; American Psychological Association, Divisions 1, 3, 7 and 35; Association for

            Psychological Science

James McKeen Cattell Fellowship, 1999-2000

James H. Glackin Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Temple University, 2003-

George A. Miller Award, Division 1, APA, 2004

Paul W. Eberman Faculty Research Award, Temple University, 2004

G. Stanley Hall Lecturer, Division 2, APA, 2006

Award for Distinguished Service to Psychological Science, APA, 2006

Women in Cognitive Science Mentorship Award, 2006

G. Stanley Hall Award for Distinguished Contribution to Developmental Psychology, Division 7      (Developmental Psychology), APA, 2007

Five Recent Publications with B.A.-Level Co-Authors

     *Ferrara, K., Golinkoff, R. Hirsh-Pasek, K., *Lam, W. & Newcombe, N. (in press). Block talk: Spatial language during block play. Mind, Brain and Education.

     Balcomb, F., Newcombe, N.S., & *Ferrara, K. (in press). Finding where and saying where: Developmental relationships between place learning and language in the second year. Journal of Cognition and Development.

      Crawley, S.L., Newcombe, N.S. & *Bingman, H. (2010). How focus at encoding affects children's source monitoring. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 105, 273-285.

     Newcombe, N.S., Ratliff, K.R., *Shallcross, W.L. & Twyman, A.D. (2010). Young children’s use of features to reorient is more than just associative: Further evidence against a modular view of spatial processing. Developmental Science, 13, 213-220.

     Lloyd, M.E., Newcombe, N.S. & *Doydum, A. (2009). Memory binding in early childhood: Evidence for a retrieval deficit. Child Development, 80, 1321-1328.

Five Other Recent Publications, Some with B.A. Level Co-Authors

     Nardi, D., Newcombe, N.S. & Shipley, T.F. (2011). The world is not flat: Can people reorient using slope? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 37, 354-367.

     Holden, M., Curby, K., Newcombe, N.S. & Shipley, T.F. (2010). A category adjustment approach to memory for spatial location in natural scenes. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 36, 590-604.

       *Wright, R., Thompson, W.L., Ganis, G., Newcombe, N.S. & Kosslyn, S.M. (2008). Training generalized spatial skills. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 15, 763-771.

     Learmonth, A.E., Newcombe, N.S.,*Sheridan, N. & *Jones, M. (2008). Why size counts: Children’s spatial reorientation in large and small enclosures. Developmental Science, 11, 414-426.

     Uttal, D.H., *Sandstrom, L.B. & Newcombe, N.S. (2006). One hidden object, two spatial codes: Young children’s use of relational and distance coding. Journal of Cognition and Development, 7, 503-525.

Selected Synergistic Activities (2000-present):

President-Elect, Division 7 of APA, 2000-2001; President, 2001-2002; Past President, 2002-


Invited Participant, Applying the Science of Learning, Claremont, CA, February 2001. Developmental and Learning Sciences Advisory Panel, National Science Foundation, 2003-06.

Invited Participant, Transfer of Learning Workshop, National Science Foundation, March 2002.

Governing Board, Psychonomic Society, 2002-8; Member, PBR Editor Search Committee 2005.

Secretary, Section on Psychology (J), American Association for the Advancement of Science,


Invited Co-Editor, Special Issue on “Interactions Among Scientists and Policy Makers:

Challenges and Opportunities”, American Psychologist, March 2002.

Editor, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 1996-2001.

Chair, APA Task Force on Math and Science Education, 2007.

Invited Participant, NSF Neuroscience Workshop, Arlington, VA, Dec. 2007

APA Board of Scientific Affairs, 2009-11

Member, National Academy Panel to Review the National Children’s Study Plan 2007-8.

President-Elect 2007-9, President 2009-11, Past President 2011-13, Cognitive Development


President-Elect 2007-8, President 2008-9, Past President 2009-10, Eastern Psychological


Current Editorial Boards: Child Development, Cognitive Psychology, Journal of Cognition and Development, Psychological Bulletin, Psychological Science, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review

Collaborators in the Last Four Years: Nalini Ambady (Tufts), Mark Bouton (Vermont), Ken Cheng (Macquarie U.), Kim Curby (Temple), Sean Duffy (Rutgers-Camden), Jacqui Eccles (U. Michigan), Roberta Golinkoff (Delaware), Louis Gomez (U. Pittsburgh), Thomas Gould (Temple), Janellen Huttenlocher (U. of Chicago), Marc Joanisse (U. Western Ontario), David Klahr (Carnegie Mellon), Stephen Kosslyn (Harvard), Giorgio Ganis (Harvard), Marcia Linn (Berkeley), Kevin Miller (U. Michigan), Kelly Mix (Michigan State), Laura Namy (Emory), Lisa Oakes (UC-Davis), Jodie Plumert (Iowa), Thomas F. Shipley (Temple), Jennifer Sutton (Brescia College), William Thompson (Harvard ), David Uttal (Northwestern), Marina Vasilyeva (Boston College).

Graduate Advisor: Jerome Kagan (Harvard)

Thesis Advisor in the Last Five Years (7): Stacie Kovacs, Amy Learmonth (Asst. Professor, William Paterson College), Kristin Ratliff (Western Psychological Services), Julia Sluzenski (Asst. Professor, Stockton State), Melissa Terlecki (Assoc. Professor, Cabrini College), Alexandra Twyman (Postdoc, U. of Western Ontario), Steven Weisberg (current), Corinne Holmes (current).

Post-Doctoral Sponsor (7): Frances Balcomb, Noelle Chiang, Andrea Frick, Anita Kochanoff, Marianne Lloyd, Daniele Nardi, Irene Wan

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